Doctors Turn To Public, Offer Rewards To Fund Anti-Trump Documentary


Last year, we introduced you to Duty to Warn – a coalition of licensed mental health physicians and counselors who hate Donald Trump. The group is now hoping to produce a new anti-Trump documentary ahead of the November mid-terms.

#UNFIT Anti- Trump documentary
Photo Credit | Kickstarter

California documentary filmmaker Dan Partland has started a Kickstarter campaign to secure funding for #UNFIT: The Dangerous Behavior of Donald Trump. A film so allegedly important to the American public, that the doctors behind it won’t pay for it.  

On the website, Duty to Warn entices contributors to back their movement against the president with an ominous warning. “Join the mental health community to produce a doc film that changes the conversation about Trump’s dangerous psychological disorders,” it reads.

In the detailed description, the group does their level best to sound every alarm bell imaginable. Referring to Trump, they toss around phrases like “imminent threat,” “mental instability,” and “dangerous traits,” to magnify the urgency of the film.

However, when you watch the three-minute preview of the documentary, you quickly see the real message. A “selective” image of Trump’s inauguration crowd and various edited clips of his speeches set the stage. And, for good measure, the “experts” add their professional opinions.

Never mind the reality that all their evidence is either based on outright lies or misleading representations. You see, facts don’t matter when you have an agenda. Which in the case of Duty to Warn, is declaring President Trump unfit under the 25th Amendment.

“Together, we can prove that Trump’s mental instability makes him ‘UNFIT’ to serve as President before it’s too late!” reads their plea. Now, as bad as this is, we do give them credit for one thing. The “Duty to Warn” coalition knows exactly what type of people will fund this project.

How do we know this?

By looking at the rewards packages they offer to suck in the Trump-haters.

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