As Obama prepares to leave, there is a lot of chaos in his wake. Whether Trump or Hillary wins, they will have to face some very challenging times. Conflicts are sprouting up all over the world. And the United States has a lot more issues with adversaries than ever before. Things have changed drastically in this country since Obama stepped into office 8 years ago.

Situations are escalating from Syria to Korea, and they’re likely to get worse before they get better. Hillary and Trump, both must be prepared for what’s to come after inauguration day. There is a range of crisis across the globe that will have to be faced and taken care of. Obama and his administration have not done much to fix things. And they’ve failed to improve relations with Russia and China as well.

Situation Worsens in our Fight against Terrorism 

Situations have deteriorated and national security is at an all-time low. The world is at a standstill for the most part, and the next president will be the one to move us forward or drag us back. More conflicts are likely in the uncertain world we now live in.

During a speech given last month to the United Nations, Obama spoke about the current situation. He talked about supposed progress in the fight against terrorism, as well as the Iranian nuclear deal. The reality is that terrorism is just as dangerous as ever and the situation in Iran is volatile at best.

“We can choose to press forward with a better model of cooperation and integration,” Obama said. “Or we can retreat into a world sharply divided, and ultimately in conflict, along age-old lines of nation and tribe and race and religion.”

What is the Worst Case Scenario With North Korea?

Turmoil Awaits America's Next PresidentOne of the most imposing threats right now is the status of North Korea. They have nuclear weapons now and it is a big problem. The instability of the country is getting worse and has been since Obama took office. The country has now fired off three ICMBS that were capable of flying more than 600 miles. Last month they tested a rocket that could potentially be used for long range purposes.

“The most immediacy is North Korea,” Heather Conley said. Conley is a senior foreign policy analyst at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “If the North Koreans were able to create a missile capable of reaching the United States with a nuclear warhead, that is an issue. We don’t have the answers for it, but we need to focus on it.”

Obama Failed at Improving Relations With North Korea

Obama and his administration has repeatedly tried to make progress. But they continually fail at the attempt. They’ve pushed on China to place pressure on North Korea without any luck. They’ve talked about tighter sanctions, with no real results. Despite all the attempts made by the administration, nothing has worked.

North Korea could develop an ICMB that is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. If that happens, things will change in this world. The event could escalate to the most dangerous situation the world has ever seen.

Let’s hope that the next person to take office, has the guts to make big changes. The fate of the world could depend on it.

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