Turkish Forces Strike US-Backed Forces In Iraq And Syria


Turkey Attacks U.S.-Backed Base

Turkey Attacks | Photo Credit Fox News

About thirty Kurds are dead after an air strike from Turkey attacked these U.S.-backed forced. Both sides are supposed to be on the same side as America, which means the only enemy should be ISIS.

Turkish forces did give a one-hour notice to both the United States and Russia, but the actions were already put in motion. At least thirty were killed and another twenty people were injured during the attack.

One Hour Warning, But No Conversation

Doug McKelway reports:

“Last night, Turkey’s attack on U.S.-backed Kurdish forces happened at about 8:30 pm East Coast time. While Turkey did give one hour’s advance notice to the United States and to Russia, it made no attempt to seek approval for the raid from it’s NATO allies. So there was no time for the U.S. to alert its Kurdish allies.”

“Twenty-four Turkish warplanes struck at three different targets in Northern Syria and Iraq. The closest U.S. troops were six miles away. Turkey’s attack prompted a swift condemnation from the Pentagon.”

Iraq Also Protests Turkey Airstrikes 

Turkey Attacks | Photo Credit Fox News

CNN reports:

“A statement issued by the Peshmerga, the military arm of Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government, said that five of its fighters were killed in the air raid and another nine wounded. The KRG blamed the nearby presence of PKK fighters for the casualties. The government of Iraq also protested the unilateral airstrikes by Turkey.”

“Given the extraordinarily complex battle space in these areas, it is vital that Turkey and all partners in the defeat-ISIS effort coordinate their actions closely as we work together to maintain maximum pressure on ISIS and ensure the safety of all Coalition personnel in theater,” Rankine-Galloway said. Turkey has long been opposed to the PKK, considered a terrorist organization by both Turkey and the US.”

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