Tillers Makes Shocking Proclamation About Syrian Strikes…


The Assad regime got to a point where they were using chemical weapons without a response from the international community.

Syria Airstrike | Photo Credit Fox News

 Because there was no discipline on this illegal use of gasses, the Trump Administration needed to stop future chemical use.

The U.S. wants to stabilize the area to defeat ISIS and other problems within Syria. This is the first warning from America. There’s still a possibility that the United States will work with Russia on a solution as well.

Rex Tillerson Said Strikes Doesn’t Affect Policy Change

Fox News reports:

“As the Secretary of State had said earlier today, it was a matter of holding the Assad Regime accountable and also holding Russia accountable. The rhetoric and the language that the Secretary of State has been using has become much more aggressive over the past week.”

Tillerson said:

“You should not, in any way, extrapolate that the air strikes changed our policy or posture on Syria.”

And then there’s Russia…

Will The U.S. Work With Russia On Syria?

Rex Tillerson | Photo Credit New Yorker

ABC News reports:

“Either Russia has been complicit or Russia has been simply incompetent,” Tillerson said in an off-camera briefing with National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, referring to Moscow’s apparent inability to prevent the Syrian government from using chemical weapons earlier this week despite a 2013 agreement to remove them from the country.

“Tillerson pointedly said the United States did not discuss the military strike with Russian President Vladimir Putin or the Russian political leadership in Moscow either before or after it occurred. But the U.S. military said it communicated with the Russian military to minimize any chance of Russian casualties — in particular Russians operating out of the targeted airfield. The U.S. military also avoided striking a suspected sarin gas storage facility at the targeted airport because it feared hitting the facility would have caused the deadly gas to be dispersed.”

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