In January of this year, Barack Obama negotiated a disastrous deal with Iran.  The government paid a sum of upwards 400 million of taxpayer dollars for the release of hostages. For decades, American foreign policy has dictated that the US government does not negotiate with terrorists or governments that support terrorism. Although the ideal is not specifically defined in the nation’s courts.

Credit: Associate PressCredit: Associate Press

In addition, it has been revealed that the Justice Department was strongly against the use of ransom money as a way to negotiate a hostage release. Detailing how the Justice Department was concerned in so doing, the act would entail Obama was breaking the law and essentially committing a felony. For all the lawyering-up and down-playing Obama has used to describe the treasonous incident; he can’t seem to make up his mind what to cover up next. 

He stated, “The reason that we had to give them cash is precisely because we are so strict in maintaining sanctions that we do not have a banking relationship with Iran.” 

Aside from a felony, the ill-advised plan to use American funded money to go directly into a hostile nation’s account, at the hands of the president himself, can be seen as the most disastrous stance against a hostile nation’s threats and aggressions. Since when does America show weakness?  Since when does it bow down at the mercy of a foreign enemy? On the other hand, Donald Trump has stated that he would “get tough with Iran”.  He would repair the damage done by Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State. Who, by all means, created the current situation through the so called ‘Iran Deal’.

Obama’s underhanded and intentionally casual ‘disclosure’ and ‘transparency’ in January of this year, details how criminalizing the acts of his administration have been.

The ransom was paid-out in cash by converting American dollars into Euros and Swiss Francs as a way to, in the eyes of Obama, covertly bypass laws.  Laws that clearly state the funding of a group or country which the government has labeled a threat to security cannot be done through American dollars. In all actuality, any elicit funding of a terrorist group is an act of treason.  A terrorist group cannot be funded through any assets. This is regardless of the type of currency or service device used (such as loans, bank notes etc). Even if the law does not explicitly say that Americans aren’t permitted to pay ransom money to foreign nations.

You know what is an act of treason against America? The funding of $400 million dollars. To whom? To the Islamist Republic of Iran. Cash in Euros and Francs were flown in through an American airplane. As such, Obama must be impeached.

this has not been the case. Why? It’s because of the smoke and mirror good-guy effect that he plays on people who feed on the liberal media.

The president of the United States underhandedly and unashamedly sponsors terrorism. Because make no mistake. This is what took place: the exchange of money for ransom hostages. Perhaps they didn’t take traveler’s checks.

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