5 Rare Pictures Of Trump That Were Completely Hidden By The Media…



President Trump surprised a very excited group of 4th graders taking a White House tour.

Photo CreditL ijr.com

Looks like not all parents encourage their children to hate.

Photo Credit: ijr.com

Respecting a Fallen Hero

President Trump quietly took a trip to Dover AFB, to pay his respects to fallen Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens.

Photo Credit: nbcnews.com

President Trump has sought to restore respect for America’s fighting men and women.

William “Ryan” Owens | Photo Credit ABC News

Honoring a Widow

During his first speech to Congress, the president took the time to honor Carryn Owens. She is the widow of fallen SEAL William “Ryan” Owens.

Source Credit: dailydot.com

Mrs. Owens was visibly moved as President Trump assured her that her husband’s legacy “is etched into eternity.”

Photo Credit: taiwannews.com

The “Speech”

President Trump’s Joint-Session speech was chock full of memorable moments.

Photo Credit: politicsusa.com

But it was his overall message of a “renewed American spirit” that launched pro-Trump rallies across the country

Photo Credit: unionleader.com

Compassion for Law Enforcement

Trump took time out of his very hectic schedule on inauguration day to console the husband of Lt. Debra Clayton.

Photo Credit: bluelivesmatter.blue

Officer Clayton was shot and killed while attempting to make contact with accused killer Markeith Lloyd. The president has deep respect for law enforcement.

Source Credit: Gerald Herbert

The “People’s President”

President Trump has often said that he will be a “president for all Americans.”

Photo Credit: youtube.com

His unprecedented outreach to America’s citizens will certainly go down in the history books.

Photo Credit: breitbart.com

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