What Will Come In Trump’s Cadillac One?

Trump’s “Cadillac One” is set to replace Obama’s fleet of limousines. The “Behemoth” is set to come with a shotgun and a tear gas cannon. 

What else will be in Trump’s new ride?

Trump’s New Ride | Photo Credit New York Post

There Are Guns And Tear Gas In The Grill

Nothing can keep away angry rioters better than tear gas. Hopefully these won’t have to be used, but good to know that they are there. 

Trump’s New Ride | Photo Credit New York Post

Plus Bomb Protection All Around

The undercarriage and doors are prepared for anything. Only the driver’s window can be lowered for paying tolls. 

Trump’s New Ride | Photo Credit New York Post

The Ride Comes Stock With The President’s Blood Type

This is ideal if anything were to ever happen to President Trump. This would have been useful for when Reagan was shot, for example. 

Trump’s New Ride | Photo Credit New York Post

Other Aspects Of The Ride Remain Secret

While not everything has been revealed, the exact specifications will remain secret for the protection of the President. 

Trump’s New Ride | Photo Credit New York Post

Which one of these features would you most like to have in your ride?

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