Donald Trump will address Gettysburg, Pennsylvania today, on the 22nd of October, to layout his first 100 days as president.  Election Day is only 16 days from now and Trump is falling behind Clinton in almost every poll.  Trump is working hard to make his case as he focuses on policy.  Fox News reports that “Trump will use the historic setting of Gettysburg where the country was saved.  He will lay out a concise program that he will commit to executing from the first day in office.”

In November of 1863, Abraham Lincoln made the Gettysburg Address to bring together Americans in the midst of the Civil War.  It’s the perfect platform for Trump to make this important speech to his followers.  

Clinton Loves Policy


Clinton has the advantage with policy.  She has a name and date for literally everything.  Trump’s plan is more ambiguous.  However, she’s had a lot more time to prepare for this presidency.  One she’s wanted desperately for years.  She did run once before, was the former first lady, and served as a New York senator and secretary of state.  

Trump is not expected to deliver huge policy announcements, rather, he is going for a strong closing argument to wrap up his 16-month campaign including tax reform, border security, strengthening the military, and cutting regulations.  Friday night, Trump told Fox, “Our regulations are just taking over our country.  We just cannot compete anymore.”

Trump To Attack Clinton

Officials believe that Trump will attack Clinton in Gettysburg and widen the divide between what Hillary and himself want for the country.  These attacks have helped him beat 16 other candidates to win the Republican nomination.  Recently, he’s stressed that Clinton never did much of anything during her 30 years in politics to better the country.  She didn’t solve any domestic or foreign issues for the US.  

Trump plans on making multiple stops in PA this weekend.  It’s just one out of many battleground states that he needs to pull through for him.  He is just behind Clinton by 5 percent points.  Yet, Trump seems to be cutting the space between himself and Clinton with his message of a rigged election.  Over the last few weeks, Trump has raised the idea that the entire system may be rigged against him, especially with those women coming out so randomly to say that he sexually assaulted them.  

The Issue With Polls

Reuters/Ipsos assembled a poll to determine where the two candidates were in terms of her lead.  They found that Trump cut her lead in half!  

Sadly, all mainstream media projects show the polls in which he is losing.  Catching on this, Trump tweeted, “The media refuses to talk about the three new national polls that have me in first place. Biggest crowds ever — watch what happens!”

Donald Trump’s Gettysburg speech will likely be headlining and will almost definitely influence the outcome of the election.  However, at this point, those who are with Trump are fastened behind him as those who are behind Clinton are steadfast to the ex-Secretary of State.  

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