Trump stated at a recent rally in Florida, “I’m afraid the elections are going to be rigged, I’m going to be completely honest.”

Obama in turn, when asked about Trump’s thoughts on the matter emphatically exclaimed, “Of course the elections will not be rigged, what does that even mean?”. Maybe we need to refresh his memory, or the collective memory of the Democrats.  When it came down to Clinton and Sanders during the Democratic Nomination, Bernie Sanders supporters, who came out in droves, were subject to their voting card status being mysteriously changed from Democratic to Republican.  And had their names disappear from designated lists at their respective polling stations.

Massive lines at Arizona Primary Polling Stations Massive lines at Arizona Primary Polling Stations  Source: Michael Chow / The Republic

Maybe it has pleasantly escaped Obama’s memory, that the 2016 Democratic primaries in Maricopa, Arizona, saw thousands of registered Democratic voters denied their inalienable right to vote. Polling stations saw lines of voters who waited up to five hours just to get into the building.

Many claimed that this was a deliberate move, made to deter Americans who, based on information collected by government officials, were likely to vote for Bernie Sanders. The Arizona primaries were a close race between the two candidates, the vote could have gone either way. In this case, Clinton managed to squeeze by victorious.  But the question of voter obstruction still stands alarmingly in contrast to Obama and the media’s stance.

Perhaps Trump knows this best of anyone.  He has fought tooth and nail against, not only the Democrats, but many Republicans whose interests lie in more red tape and keeping the status quo.

“Look, you’ve got to have real security with the voting system,” Trump said during a campaign event in western New Hampshire. “This voting system is out of control. You have people, in my opinion, that are rigging the system, and it’s not right.”

We must not forget that in a bid to get re-elected in 2012, Obama’s camp used the votes of Americans long since deceased to cast a vote for him.  Which beyond being illegal, is also impossible.

Are Donald Trump’s claims that the Democrats might do it again, that much of a stretch?

The Liberal media likes to label Trump’s stances unfounded and farfetched.  But history has shown that – just like the voting obstruction that took place in Arizona, as well as the DNC revelations – the Democrats in power will do whatever it takes to stay there.

The Arizona Democratic primaries saw the worst deterrent to fair voting in recent memory.  Lines of registered voters waiting up to five hours just to have their voices heard, later to find out that the system was rigged and their vote was discounted. Some have said that this was a deliberate move made to deter Americans who (again based on information collected by government officials), were likely to vote for Bernie Sanders.

Even the Governor of Arizona took to Twitter to express his outrage and distaste in the matter:

“It’s unacceptable that many of them (Arizona voters) had to battle incredibly long lines. Our election officials must evaluate what went wrong and how they make sure it doesn’t happen again.”  – Arizona Governor Greg Stanton  

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