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Despite her denials, it does appear that Jill Stein’s ballot recount is attacking the Trump campaign.

Jill Stein is only targeting states that Trump won. These states include Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, she isn’t including states like Maryland, which as my colleague Brock Swinson points out is currently investigating voter fraud.

Regardless of her goals, cracking down on illegal voting is the right thing to do. I remember accusations of voter fraud as far as the 90’s. While nothing has changed with voter fraud, something has changed in America.

President-elect Trump Took Down The Establishment

Only a few months ago, the Republican Party was attacking Trump. In fact, they weren’t just attacking Trump, but assaulting his supporters as well. And now, the party and the media are moving in to take credit for his victory — trying to make amends in an effort to sway the public back to their side.

But we cannot let cover ups and manipulation prevail. 

Trump himself said that voter fraud took place this year. He doesn’t need to challenge the elections to win. However, an investigation would clear up any concerns the opposition has. It would also give President-elect Trump the opportunity to prove he’s been right all along.

The Bernie Scandal

This election has shown the American people how corrupt elections are. From the Colorado committee attempts to block Trump to Hillary’s secret attacks on Sanders, Americans now know the truth. The two main parties tried to manipulate their base in order to get what they wanted. But this time it failed.

Trump won despite attempts to block his victory.

The real surprise in all of this was how quickly Sanders supporters forgave and forgot. While I don’t want them making policy, I at least thought they had integrity and loyalty. That turned out to be false as they threw their support behind Hillary Clinton, even after the released documents showed her criminal acts.

The Clinton’s Ballot Recount Slide

Sign indicates that you must sign affidavit to vote without IDVoter ID by MarkBuckawicki | Creative Commons 1

As my colleague Missy Jackson noted, the Clinton campaign has offered to “participate” in the recount. The Clinton campaign said they have not asked for, sought, or pushed for a recount, but that they would “participate.” I find this particularly interesting, because Hillary Clinton was against the recount originally.

Why might Hillary Clinton want her staff to participate in a ballot recount that she hasn’t asked for?

My colleague Missy believes this is Hillary’s standard flip-flop. I agree, but also believe there’s even more behind the scenes. If the full investigation goes through, the Clintons will be the ones implicated in voter fraud.

This is the only explanation I can come up with that would explain both not wanting the ballot recount and wanting to participate in it. They need to get to the evidence first.

My Message To Mr. Trump

On his radio show today, Herman Cain said today that the Trump administration is going to be a “Government of the People”. If that is true, I have a message for Mr. Trump.

You stood as a centerpiece in demanding that President Obama release his birth certificate. So stand now and show the American people you are the bigger man.

You claim you won the popular vote if we discount illegal voters. Then show the people that you are right.

There is no need to spend money or resources. Simply let the American people know that you support efforts to clean up the election process. You told America that you were going to drain the swamp. Those election booths are leaks in the levy.

It won’t matter if you drain the swamp now, if four years from now those leaking levies fill up again. Do you think Trump would benefit from an election recount?

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