Trump Gets The Blame for Obama-Era Policy On Illegal Immigration


The hate mongering leftists are at it again. Their latest attack on Donald Trump is over illegal immigrant children, some of whom are allegedly missing. But worse than blaming Trump for an Obama-era photo is their suggestion he is engaged in sex trafficking.

Donald Trump, Illegal immigrants,sex trafficking
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#WhereAreTheChildren is the newest liberal hashtag trending on social media. It’s a question the left didn’t want answered between 2008 and 2016. They’re only asking it now because they needed a new way to vilify President Trump.   

The faux outrage is stemming from a news report that the Department of Health and Human Services “lost” 1475 children last year. The children illegally crossed the border unaccompanied and the agency placed them in the care of sponsor families, at least 85% of whom are relatives.

These relatives may be intentionally hiding from federal authorities.

After purposely spinning the report to stir the Trump hate, several leftists shared a “gut-wrenching” photo of children in detention. MSNBC’s Joy Reid, well-known for bashing Christians, quickly jumped on picture calling Trump’s policy “barbaric.”

Not surprisingly, their anger at the current president is misplaced as usual. The terrible, awful, barbaric, inhumane, un-American photo was taken in 2014. You know, when Obama was president and they couldn’t care less about illegal immigrants?

Oh, and the mean-spirited policy their clamoring is about? That’s all Obama too.

Unfortunately, the photo and hashtag aren’t the worst part. The morally reprehensible award, so far at least, belongs to The Root. In an obvious effort to fuel the anti-Trump rage, they posted an article suggesting the administration is doing the unthinkable.

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