Without wasting any time, Trump recently said, “Hillary lacks the moral clarity” for the White House. A video was posted on Politico.com. You can watch it below. Then let’s talk about some of the less than ethically correct incidents Hillary’s been accused of.

Here’s the Video in Which Trump Says, “Hillary lacks Moral Character” for the White House.

Do you agree with Trump about Hillary’s lack of moral fiber? If not, let’s talk about some of the shady acts Hillary’s been accused of throughout the decades. And let’s not forget, these are only a handful of them. It would take a book to write about everything she and the Clinton Foundation has been involved in.

Hillary Defended a Child Rapist

In 1975 a 12-year-old girl was raped by a 41-year-old man. The child, Kathy Shelton was riding her bike when a drifter by the name of Thomas Alfred Taylor savagely attacker her. With the help of Clinton, the rapist was sentenced to only one year in community jail.

Hillary Stole Money from Haiti

Later, in 2010 after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Hillary struck again. This time her entire foundation was accused of stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from the poverty stricken country. Even her own daughter was disgusted with the way the cleanup was handled. Hillary used her influence as Secretary of State to sway any blame from her and the foundation.

Hillary Lied to Parents of Benghazi Victims

Next, let’s talk about the horrors of Benghazi. Hillary allowed tens of thousands of emails to be leaked into the hands of terrorists. The result was a lot of dead Americans and Hillary’s deceitful lies to the parents of the victims. Years later Hillary is finally starting to take responsibility, something former General, Colon Powell apparently encouraged her to do years ago. But responsibility didn’t come before a full term investigation was performed by the FBI. Even then, Hillary attempted to push blame off on her team, claiming she wasn’t responsible for the servers.

Clinton Foundation Steal Money from Donors

As if all of this wasn’t enough, earlier this year the Clinton Foundation started stealing money from its poorest donors. Wells Fargo had to finally step in, after receiving hundreds of calls a day from account holders who were requesting refunds. According to a Wells Fargo insider who chose to stay anonymous out of fear of retribution, the problem has become a bit of an epidemic for the bank.

According to this source, Wells Fargo has been paying between $700-$1600 a day in refunds to customers who’ve been taken by the nominee. On top of that, it’s clear the foundation knew what they were doing as they never took out more than $100 at a time. Wells Fargo has a rule; they don’t investigate fraudulent activity unless it’s for more than $100. Turns out the Clinton Foundation knew this loophole and took full advantage of it. The saving grace was the automatic detection system the Bank has. Apparently, it become so overloaded with small fraudulent charges it automatically notified the proper channel.

Hillary Lacks the Moral Clarity to be President

Now, I ask you this question, if any one of these charges is proven. Can you really deny that Trump’s words that Hillary Clinton lacks the moral clarity to be allowed a position in the White House as the commander and chief of America’s armed forces?

Lastly, she will help a convicted child rapist get off the stand, then laugh about it years later on recorded audio. What will she do if she wins? Furthermore, she already has serious issues with the American people. Her animosity towards conservatives and lack of empathy for human beings could send this country to its grave.

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