During his campaign, then-candidate Trump pledged to supporters that he would only take a salary of a single dollar as president. After hearing his parents talk about that promise, a nine-year-old Tennessee boy was deeply concerned. But, instead of just worrying, the young boy springs into action and sent the president his allowance.

9-year old Eli’sha Davis | Photo credit WTSP

Eli’sha Davis, from Crossville, TN, wrote to President Trump after his January inauguration. Nine-year-old Eli’sha wanted to make sure the president had enough money to pay the bills at the White House. “I thought how is he going to eat or drink,” Eli’sha says. “Or you know pay, if he needs to pay his water bill or anything.”

So, to be helpful, the young boy encloses three dollars in his letter.  

According to his mom Melissa, giving to others is part of who her son is. “My first impression was like, ‘You’re going to give your money away again, because he’s been trying to save it up for a mandolin,” Melissa says. “But at the same time, I was like, I don’t want to discourage his generosity, and I think it’s sweet.”

Then, after nine months, the family received quite the surprise. On Monday, there was a large envelope waiting for Eli’sha. The return address read:1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. President Trump sends the boy a letter with a message specifically for him, along with a picture of himself and Vice President Mike Pence.

Also in the envelope, is Eli’sha’s three dollars.

Inspiring Future Generations

President TrumpPresident Trump gives a high-five to 11-year old Frank Giaccio as he is mowing the White House grounds | Photo credit Indian Express

Consequently, in the letter, President Trump tells Eli’sha to look for ways to make a difference in his community with the money. He also encourages him to “think big and dream even bigger!” “He sent it back so I guess he didn’t need it after all,” Eli’sha tells his mom. Melissa was also moved by the response, calling it “wonderful.”

“It was very simple, to the point, but at the same time, just coming from the president makes it, I don’t know, just wonderful.”

Interestingly, in September the president was harshly condemned after granting 11-year-old Frank Giaccio his wish to mow a part of the White House lawn. Frank wrote President Trump after the election to offer his service. Afterwards, a leftist New York Times reporter falsely suggests he is violating child labor laws.

Nevertheless, Eli’sha is taking the president’s advice to heart and doesn’t have any plans to spend the money. “I think I’m going to save it,” he says. Mom says she never expected President Trump to respond, but she is glad he did. She hopes his letter will inspire her son to continue being a generous person that helps others in need.  


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