Everyone is pointing fingers at Trump. They say he doesn’t respect women. If you ask me, Trump hasn’t even come close to degrading women as Bill. And let’s not forget that Bill & Hillary went on rampages together in order to crush women who accused Bill of infidelity. We know for sure there were two women, Monica Lewinsky and Gennifer Flowers. So why are female voters forgetting about these two lovely ladies?

Why Doesn’t Anyone Say Anything About Bill’s Escapades?

What does it say about Hillary’s self-respect and respect for women, considering she’s still married to Bill? And what does it say, that she willingly took part in destroying women who accused Bill of performing sexual acts with them. Some women even accused Bill of blatant rape as well as other less threatening, sexual advances. Hillary knows about all this, so what does that say about her views on misogyny and sexism?

If you ask me, it says she doesn’t have any. And if she does and she doesn’t live by them, she clearly has a complete lack of integrity altogether. Trump has never come close to treating women the way Bill and Hillary have. Hillary even admitted to defending a man accused of child rape, knowing that he was guilty. And if that’s not enough, she even got him off!

Now, I am not in any way blaming Hillary for Bill’s sexual escapades. But I am saying she has clearly played a role in covering them up and getting rid of the accusers. She’s also verbally beaten up and smashed other women like Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky.

Bill is the Real Womanizer

It’s pretty clear if you look at past situations, that Bill is the womanizer, not Trump. Flowers reported a 12 year affair with Clinton back in 1992. And he eventually admitted to the sexual encounters, although he admitted them a few years later. Hillary always has situations to deal with in regards to Bill’s behavior. It’s kind of a joke that she would even bring up women’s issues.

Bill & HillaryBill lied about Monica while under oath. He was impeached for it and Hillary is still with him to this day. Does this show a serious commitment or a total lack of caring? Once maybe can be forgiven, but the repeated offenses Bill continually plays out should not be taken so lightly. What does Hillary’s allowance of Bill to perform these acts and get away with them tell women everywhere? That it’s ok to stick with a man who walks all over you?

It’s not a very good message to be sending out to women, when you’re pressing for women’s issues and bashing Trump for making some rude comments. Lewinksy received some of the worst public criticism of anyone in history, and Hillary never stood up for her once. She played right into the public’s destruction of the young intern. And then she did the same thing with every other women who accused Bill of infidelity.

Trumps Shows Respect to Hillary

Trump could have easily brought up Bill’s adultering ways and Hillary’s acceptance of them. He would have easily made valid points into questioning her real moral ethics when it comes to respect for women. And he would have been justified, but he didn’t. Instead he kept his mouth shut on the situations, even when Hillary publicly bashed him on comments he made years ago about a particular woman.  I am not saying Trump is perfect by any means.

But I will say, Hillary better start watching out where she’s pointing fingers. She seems to forget that when you point at someone else in disgust, you’ve got three more fingers pointing back at you. And on top of that, she’s got half a nation of “deplorables” watching her, who are sick and tired of her lies.

It’s time to point out what really matters. Trump said some rude remarks years ago, what can you do about it? Hillary on the other hand has lied and lied and lied to the American people for years. And some of her lies may have played a part in the death of Americans overseas. But thanks to the FBI’s genius decisions to give immunity to everyone on Hillary’s team, we’ll likely never know about the truth of Hillary’s potential wrong doings. Thanks for that, guys in Washington! And you wonder why we want a real American like Trump in the Oval Office?

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