The next time Congress convenes, Democrats could lose two more seats to the GOP. If America’s luck holds.

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin may lose his to Keith Ellison, as Manchin weakly grips his place with Democratic counterparts.

The second Senate Seat potentially going to Republicans, is held by North Dakota Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp. She met with President-elect Donald Trump last week, according to CNN.

“News of the meeting set off a panic among top Democrats, some of whom began to privately make the case that Heitkamp should stay in the senate rather than give up a seat that would likely be a GOP pickup,” reports the network.

Donald Trump | Photo Credit WikiMedia CommonsDonald Trump | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

Panic for the Democrats

“The incoming chairman of the Senate Democrats’ campaign committee told CNN he had spoken with Heitkamp about the issue Thursday,” said the report.

Whispers that Heitkamp could soon earn a position as Secretary of Energy abound.

“I think it’s absolutely critical to have a conversation,” said Heitkamp about joining Trump’s administration. “It’s good for my state. It’s good for the work that I do here, to understand and share some priorities for the country and for the state of North Dakota, and I look forward to having that discussion.”

Heitkamp claims she will work with and for both sides, despite what role she might fill in the near future.

“Whatever job I do,” she said, “I hope to work with the President-elect and all of my colleagues in Congress on both sides of the aisle to best support my state.”

Donald Trump | Photo Credit WikiMedia CommonsDonald Trump | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

The Secretary of Energy Position

Heitkamp may find it difficult to turn down the Secretary of Energy position. Her state is one of the primary beneficiaries of policies Trump plans to later implement.

In addition, she barely won her current position back in 2012, since North Dakota’s oil boom has added many more Republican voters. Trump won the state with a little under 62 percent of the vote. That means Senator John Hoeven, who defeated Heitkamp when both ran for governor, received about 78 percent of the vote.

Presiding over such benefits in her home state must entice the Democrat.

If Heitkamp is offered and takes the Secretary of Energy position, a special election would be required in the next month. It seems there isn’t a Democrat on the scene who might win–leaving an empty seat for the Republicans to fill. 

Do you think Heitkamp will vacate her seat for the Energy position? Will Manchin lose his Democratic grip?

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