A World Without Communism

Kim Jong Un | Photo Credit Huffington Post “Imagine a world without communist North Korea,” writes James Robbins. Trump has recently announced that Pyongyang is “looking for trouble” and that he would solve the problem of North Korea with or without China’s help.

Recently, Kim Jong-Un has also threatened nuclear retaliation if any addition steps of aggression are made towards North Korea. Between these verbal threats, the US has sent strike groups near the Korean peninsula and China has also deployed 150,000 troops near the border of North Korea.

This impending battle has been marinating for years. The Kim dynasty was allowed to exist because it existed in a contained dystopia. Now, however, with Kim Jong-Un threatening the U.S., Trump may go ahead and take action on the dictator.

North Korea Expected To Fall On Its Own

Korean Missiles | Photo Credit Rodong Sinmum

USA Today reports:

“The world awaited the expected collapse of the nightmarish North Korean dictatorship. The collapse has yet to come. Now the calculus has changed. North Korea has an active nuclear weapons program and is rapidly developing the capability to deliver these weapons to the United States mainland.”

“Kim Jong Un, the communist state’s third dynastic ruler, is determined to have a seat at the strategic nuclear table. If the United States waits, one of the most bellicose, seemingly least rational regimes in modern history will have the capability to kill millions of Americans at a stroke.”

U.S. Practices Decapitation Strikes

SEAL Training | Photo Credit Getty

Last month, however, the U.S. participated in simulated decapitation strikes to take out the leaders of North Korea. This option may work because taking out Kim Jong-un would mean the state contraption could be stopped in its tracks.

In a totalitarian state, all the power is focused on the leader. In addition, it’s likely that any right-hand to Kim would likely hesitate because any man with ideas or ambition in North Korea has likely already been killed.

It’s possible that Kim would have created a post-mortem strike in case of his death, but in the past, say under Hitler, the staff often ignores such a demand.

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