Recently Trump may have stated he would soften his political stance on immigration. Last night speaking in Tampa, we saw the Trump we all know and love. He took a hard stance on the importance of keeping this country in check from a stand point of not just letting anyone in during this time of war and economic struggle. Several thousand supporters of his were in support of his decision to take a stance to strengthen our resolve in terms of keeping tighter borders and immigration laws.

Hillary on the other hand is ready for total open borders. Trump on the other hand is ready to clean out people who are here unlawfully, have overstayed VISAs or are genuinely unfit to live within our beautiful country. As Trump said so plainly, “Hilary would rather give a job to an illegal Alien than to an unemployed Hispanic citizen, an unemployed African-American or even a veteran.”

The sturdy Republican nominee took the house of primary opponents by pushing hard on ending illegal immigration. Trump stated he would suspend immigration where effective screening couldn’t be done and institute more ideological based screening programs with those who do not share American values. Trump then declared that bad things will happen with the fanatics and other people pouring into the country.

Trump went on in support of cheers that he was still building the wall and that Mexico would pay for it. He reached out to minority voters for support as well and ensured American’s his stance on the subject would be in the best interest of the country.

Another goal of Trump is to rebuild the inner cities of the country, because the Democrats have been running them in most cases for 50-60 years without any type of success. In reality the democrats have only produced more poverty and more crime, more homeless and more broke homes throughout the major cities of the country. In many cases there are all time record lows and until Trump steps in, numbers are likely to continue declining. Trump said with a tone of sincerity to those who are lost and suffering, “Vote for Donald Trump, vote for Donald Trump. What have you got to lose?”

He then went on to point out that American’s have the right to walk down their streets of the cities of the country without being shot or having your child shot. He was directing these comments towards the minorities living within the inner cities.

Trump had some very strong key points while speaking to Tampa and throughout his campaign – mainly restoring law and labor and bringing back American jobs, those effecting the communities too.

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