Why Democrats And Mainstream Media Aren’t On The Trump State Dinner Guest List


What happens when you spend a year obstructing the president in every way imaginable? Why the same thing that happens to the fake news media who spreads lies, of course. You don’t receive an invitation to an important White House event hosted by Donald Trump.

Donald and Melania Trump with Emmanuel and Brigitte Marcron
Photo Credit | Fortune

Tuesday evening, President Trump and First Lady Melania are set to host their first official state dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Trump are welcoming newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron and First Lady Brigitte. However, all the usual guests will not be there to greet France’s first couple.

Unlike in years past, members of the opposing political party and mainstream media won’t be attending the state dinner. Of the approximately 150 people invited to the soiree, only four are members of Congress. House Speaker Paul Ryan will join Rep. Ed Joyce and Senators John Kennedy and Bill Cassidy.

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