The decline of mainstream media can be summed up with one simple phrase: “from fact to fiction”. No longer concerning themselves with reporting the truth, they are now ministers of propaganda. Their objectives are to push agendas and silence the opposition.

When Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President, MSM saw an opportunity. The stories trashing the President-elect are too numerous to list them all. So, we have chosen two recent examples to share with our readers.

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Fox Affiliate KRIV-TV Houston

News reporter Scarlett Fakhar was recently let go from KRIV, a Fox news affiliate in Houston Texas. Why? For supporting Donald Trump and telling the truth. The day after the election, Fakher shared her thoughts about the state of our country, on her personal FB page.

Writing about Obama’s failures, racial division, and Trump’s potential, got her fired. You can read her entire post here. The Houston Chronicle stated the following:

“Fakher’s departure follows a controversial post she made on her personal Facebook page, extolling U.S. President-elect Donald Trump and chastising President Barack Obama and African-Americans.”

Departure? She was lynched. She would still have a job if she had extolled Hillary Clinton and trashed Donald Trump. Truth is only controversial when it does not support the liberal narrative. Which, is quite often these days.

The New York Times

One of mainstream media’s most egregious offenders, The Times consistently spews anti-Trump prose. Despite the paper’s promise of “rededicating themselves to honest reporting,” they just tried to bash Trump again. The article headline readDonald Trump Takes Credit for Helping to Save a Ford Plant That Wasn’t Closing.” Then they proceeded to share Donald Trump’s tweets about the situation.

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However, while Trump may have over-emphasized his statement, it was true. The President-elect could have chosen better wording such as “Lincoln production” not “Lincoln plant,” but that does not change the fact that he is aggressively negotiating to save U.S. jobs from overseas moves.

Ford Motor Co. did indeed plan on moving production of their Lincoln MKC SUV from Louisville, KY to Mexico. Donald Trump and Bill Ford had many conversations which resulted in Ford agreeing not to move production of the line out of the U.S.

Ford’s own statement confirms this: “We are encouraged that President-elect Trump and the new Congress will pursue policies that will improve U.S. competitiveness and make it possible to keep production of this vehicle here in the United States.”

This, however, did not stop dozens of media outlets from following the New York Times’ lead, as they posted stories about Trump’s “false claims.” Their idea of honesty must be quite different from ours.

Though not quite as funny as “jumbo shrimp”, “honest reporting” is an oxymoron in mainstream media. Valuing truth and facts are an inconvenience. Indoctrinating the people with socialist propaganda is the goal.

In America, we not only have the right, but also the responsibility, to question our elected officials. The same holds true for our media. But, before they can be held accountable for responsible journalism, individuals must be willing to hear and accept the truth. Regardless of how painful that truth may be.


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