BREAKING: Trump Makes One Huge Permanent Change To Social Security… Starting Now…


Welcome to the 21st Century

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President Trump has been ushering in a lot of great changes. Some big, some small, but all of them desperately needed. And this latest “upgrade” by the Social Security Administration is a couple decades overdue.

Have you ever had your SS card become so worn out that it wasn’t legible? Maybe you have lost or misplaced it? If this has happened to you then you know how excruciating it was to get a replacement. It usually meant waiting for hours in a crowded room (without enough seats), and everyone ahead of you had a two-inch stack of paperwork.

Yes, this has happened to me. Thankfully, it won’t happen again. The SSA has just announced a new online service to get a new or replacement social security card. And all I can say is that it’s about time! The new service is not yet available in every state but is expected to be by the end of the year.

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If you are lucky enough to live in one the 16 states that are on the list currently and have a photo ID, you can obtain your new or replacement card simply by creating a personalized…

“My Social Security Account”

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Creating an online account is fast and easy and offers you access to a great deal of information about your current or future benefits. It is also an excellent way to monitor any changes that may be happening with your payments.

This new change has come ahead of the “Social Security Reform Act” which is seeking to modernize the SS program. The SSRA also brings with it a host of other improvements to the system, including an updated formula for calculating benefit payments.

There are still miles to go before Social Security is where it needs to be. At least in terms of fulfilling its intended purpose. But any step forward, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction–for a change.  




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  • Maggie Vaughan

    this would be such a huge blessing for me… i am disabled and take care of my mom with alzheimer’s dementia… so this would be awesome for us,

  • Guest557755

    FAKE NEWS HEADLINE! What is the ONE HUGE PERMANENT change to Social Security? Are you talking about going online to see your check amount & being able to apply for lost SS card? That’s hardly a HUGE change. Misleading Headlines will cause people to NOT CLICK on future MONDAYMONDAY.COM story links.

  • Jackie Rock

    This I hop helps me so that I don’t have to depend on anyone else. Retirement was supposed to be something we all looked forward to. However, with the high cost of medical insurance ( based on what you made while working and made good money and taxes taken out ) it leaves you with very little to live on. Too many retirees suffer due to this and are forced to do reverse mortgages ( they don’t make enough now on SS to refinance. ). It has just been awful for me this past year so I am thrilled. Thank you President Trump.

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