HUGE: Trump Admin Executes Record Breaking ICE Raid


Amid a nationwide debate on immigration, the Trump administration is continuing their crackdown on migrants illegally living and working in the U.S.(to the dismay of Democrats). Last week, Immigration and Customs Enforcement made nearly 100 more arrests in Tennessee.

ICE raid Tennessee
Photo Credit | NY Daily News

ICE officials raided a meatpacking plant in the “Volunteer” state on Thursday, capturing 97 illegal immigrants. At least ten people were detained on criminal charges, while the majority were held for being in the country illegally. One migrant is under arrest on state charges.

According to the Washington Post, this is largest single workplace raid in the last ten years. The now radical left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center condemned the ICE immigration sweep on their website.

“There’s absolutely no need for this kind of extreme action,” SPLC wrote. “It’s counterproductive, it’s mean-spirited and it comes with a high cost in terms of human suffering.” Too bad they don’t feel the same about the American lives lost at the hands of dangerous illegals.

Of course, the SPLC isn’t the only group feigning outrage over the raid. Stephanie Teatro, co-executive director of the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition, accused the president of “terrorizing” immigrant communities.

“While it is the largest and certainly credibly egregious raid, it does fit in the larger practice and patterns of the Trump administration of targeting workers, indiscriminately arresting immigrants and really terrorizing communities across the country,” said Teatro.  

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