HUGE: Trump Will Be The First Ever President to Speak Here… Liberals Hate It

President Trump_Value Voter Summit
Photo credit | CNS News

Homosexuality is without question, a divisive, hot-button topic. The LGBT agenda is at the forefront of heated debates on both religious freedoms and personal security. Suffice it to say; it is not an issue that presidents speak-out against at summits. At least no president has until now, that is. But then again, they weren’t Donald Trump.

Significantly, President Trump will be speaking to socially conservative activists in D.C. on Friday. The Family Research Council sponsors the annual “Value Voter Summit,” once a year. The FRC recently found themselves on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “radar,” as an anti-LGBT hate group.

Interestingly, this is the fourth time President Trump is offering remarks at the event. He spoke there last year, while he was the Republican candidate. Not surprisingly, liberal media and LGBT groups are using the president’s appearance to suggest he doesn’t support equal rights for homosexuals. SPLC President, Richard Cohen, is publicly condemning his attendance:

“By appearing at the Values Voter Summit, President Trump is lending the legitimacy of his office to a hate group that relentlessly demonizes LGBT people and works to deny them of their equal rights. His appearance puts the lie to his campaign promise to be a friend to the LGBT community. Bigotry is not an American value, and our president should speak out against it.”

Fighting for Christian Values

Trump and FRC
Photo credit | Christian News Network

However, contrary to Cohen’s claim, the FRC is an organization that fights for Christian values, not hate. Although, the word “Christian” is synonymous with hate in the narrow minds of leftists. The group advocates against many issues, including abortion, embryonic stem-cell research, pornography, and divorce. 

Nevertheless, President Trump is receiving praise for speaking at the summit. FRC President, Tony Perkins, congratulates him for standing up for American values. “Values voters have waited eight years for a leader who puts America’s mission first and respects the values that made America into a great nation,” Perkins says in a statement. 

In addition to President Trump, there are several more high-profile conservatives speaking at the event. Former White House chief-strategist Steve Bannon, former aide Sebastian Gorka, and Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson will be joining him. Robertson’s controversial remarks on homosexuality, caused him to be temporarily removed from the show in 2014.