Trump Focuses On Terrorism While Europe Shouts “Climate!”


Trump’s Concerns Are Focused On Jobs And Terrorism

President Trump | Photo Credit NY Times

In Italy, European leaders continue to press President Trump on their climate change agenda, despite the fact that terrorism is clearly the first and last thing on the American’s mind.

French President Emmanuel Macron managed to work on Trump during their lunch, urging the President not to disregard the Paris Agreement before he left to take a plane to Sicily, Italy.

“My wish is that the United States takes no hurried decision,” said Macros during their meeting.

White House Holds Focus On Terrorism, US Safety

President Trump, President Macron | Photo Credit AP

McClathy DC Bureau reports:

“Trump arrived to this seaside community late Thursday for the Group of Seven conference where allies will talk about a series of issues from trade to Russia. But Trump’s position on the Paris accord—particularly his pledge to leave the accord—is one of the most urgent matters for European leaders, who are committed to keep the Americans involved.”

“Ever since he left the Middle East, Trump has been reminded how important the issue is to U.S. friends in Europe. At the Vatican, Pope Francis handed Trump his 181-page encyclical, “Laudato Si” (“Praise Be”), that largely blames man for climate change.”

Some reports say Trump’s view on climate change are evolving.

Trump’s Actions On Climate Change May “Evolve”

President Trump | Photo Credit Getty

NY Daily News reports:

“President Trump spent his first day at the G7 Summit in Sicily Friday in talks with European leaders begging him to remain in the Paris climate change pact, which he’d promised on the campaign to abandon — and it’s possible they may have broken through.”

“Trump’s views on climate change began “evolving” after the talks Friday, Gary Cohn, the President’s top White House economic adviser said about his boss. “He feels much more knowledgeable on the topic today … He came here to learn, he came here to get smarter.”