At the Kennedy Center, President Trump spoke to veterans and evangelical Christians to let them know where we stand with the terrorist group, ISIS. “It’s a whole different ball game folks,” he said.

Trump, Mattis | Photo Credit Washington Post

The president spoke about infamous World War II hero, General George Patton by comparing the iconic leader to our newest SecDef, James Mattis. “We’ve got some Pattons today too, I found ‘em…Mad Dog Mattis,” said the President.

These remarks come after Americans prepared final phase to fight ISIS in Raqqa and Syria. Trump believes that “one of the greatest threats to religious liberty is terrorism and specifically radical Islamic terrorism…”

Mattis Prepares To Take Down ISIS

ISIS Drones | Photo Credit NY Post

The Daily Caller writes:

“Trump has granted Mattis extraordinary powers in the fight against ISIS, including the ability to set troop levels and adjust the rules of engagement. The decisions mark a sharp departure from the policies of former President Barack Obama, who tightly managed the wars from the White House.”

“Trump alluded to Obama’s past tenure repeating a similar refrain that “I was left a mess,” but assured the crowd that he was “cleaning it up.” The president also highlighted the threat of ISIS and other radical Islamic extremist groups to Christian minorities in the Middle East.”

Mattis Most Prepared For Situation Room Debates

James Mattis | Photo Credit SOFREP

The Washington Post writes:

“Nathaniel Fick, a former Marine officer who served under Mattis in combat, said that while he doesn’t want to be in a society where “the guys with the guns” make all the decisions, the retired general could be valuable in his new role. “The thing about Mattis I believe to my core is that he will not commit forces in harm’s way unless he believes that U.S. interests are at stake and there is a plan to win,” said Fick, now the chief executive officer of the cybersecurity firm Endgame Inc.

“It looks like we’re going to have a lot of people in the Situation Room who have never been in the Situation Room before. And with Mattis, you have someone who has been — and also has been on the front lines.”

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