This is for Trump!

Photo credit: Joan Marcus/The Public Theater via AP

Conservatives are finding more and more ways to fight back against the anti-Trump sentiment dominating mainstream America. Pro-Trump supporters, Laura Loomer and Jack Posobiec, teamed-up to bring the New York Public Theater’s Trump Assassination play to a screeching halt.

The theater’s modernized version of Julius Caesar has drawn mass outrage for depicting the leading character as a Donald Trump look-a-like, who is brutally stabbed to death by the angry “senate.” Criticism of the production’s negative and violent undertones have prompted two of the theater’s main sponsors, Delta Airlines and Bank of America, to pull their support.

The mock assassination of President Trump is also what prompted Loomer and Posobiec to take action. The audience was stunned when Loomer, a conservative activist, rushed the stage shouting “stop the leftist violence!” Meanwhile, Posobiec began shouting from the seats “the blood of Steve Scalise is on your hands.”

Police arrest Laura Loomer after she storms the stage (Photo credit: ABC News)

Posobiec took it one step further, telling the audience that ruthless Nazi, James Goebbels, “would be proud.” As expected, the crowd reacted by booing the dynamic duo and Loomer was subsequently arrested for disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing. She was released shortly after being booked.

Despite being arrested, Loomer does not regret her decision. “I’m out of jail, but I’m not apologetic,” the 24-year-old wrote on Twitter. “Thanks to everyone who is supporting me & condemning political violence.” The vitriolic political rhetoric from the left has been ongoing since President Trump took office in January.

Jack Posobiec shouts at crowd at Julius Caesar play (Photo credit: IB Times)

The hateful discourse resulted in near tragedy last week, when disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporter, James Hodgkinson, attempted to assassinate Republican congressmen. The lawmakers were gathered for baseball practice in Arlington, VA, when Hodgkinson opened fire on them. House Majority Whip, Steve Scalise, whom Prosbiec referenced, was critically wounded in the assault.

The attack prompted several conservative senators and representatives to speak-out against “hateful politics.” Illinois Congressman, Rodney Davis, who was at Simpson field the morning of the attack, told reporters “This needs to be a wake-up call.” Loomer will have to return to court to answer for the charges against her, however, a date for her appearance has not been announced.


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