Trump And Putin Agree To Work Together Against Syria, North Korea


The Phone Call To End Russian Stand-Off

Putin Meets Rouhani | Photo Credit Zuma Press

President Trump and Vladimir Putin vowing to take on Syria and North Korea together. The two world leaders speaking on the phone for the first time since US missiles blew up a Syrian air base last month.

Rex Tillerson calls the phone call between President Trump and Vladimir Putin a “very constructive call.” He told the press that various details were exchanged, but didn’t give away many more details.

Trump’s phone call on Tuesday was meant to reignite a special relationship between the US and Russia. They also agreed to broker a cease-fire with Syria, despite the war zone it has become.

Trump agreed to send a representative for future cease-fire talks.

Working Together Against North Korea And Syria

The New York Times reports:

“The call between Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin was aimed at getting past the rupture of recent weeks and beginning to forge a more collaborative relationship. Mr. Trump came to office praising Mr. Putin and making it a priority to draw closer to Moscow, but his goal has been hobbled by multiple investigations into Russian meddling in last year’s election and the clash over Syria’s use of chemical weapons against its own people.”

“The initial optimism on both sides has given way to a sour and uncertain mood as geopolitical gravity has pulled Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin in opposite directions and lowered expectations. While a grand bargain now seems out of reach, the two leaders appeared intent on finding areas where they could agree while managing areas where they did not.”

Foreign Reports Consider Trump Admin “Unpredictable”

Trump Congress | Photo Credit ABC

Foreign policy Analyst Vladimir Frolov said:

“Still some hopes, disappointment, and caution. They are apprehensive about the way that the Trump administration behaves internationally, the unpredictable, unilateral nature of their steps. But they are still hoping for some agreement.”

Neither side mentioned anything about the dispute over chemical attacks or the cruise missile strike during the phone call, according to reports.

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