Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke Under Fire For Greeting Japanese American

Zinke greets Hanabusa in Japanese
Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is under fire for greeting Rep. Colleen Hanabusa in Japanese. | Photo credit Newsweek

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is the newest member of the Trump administration that hypersensitive Democrats are condemning as a racist. The secretary made the unforgiveable mistake of saying “good morning” to Hawaii Rep. Colleen Hanabusa in her native language.

Apparently, it’s not alright for conservatives living in what Democrats call “the land of immigrants,” to speak a language other than English. In fact, using a greeting as harmless as “konnichiwa” (good morning in Japanese) makes you a racist.

The drama unfolded during a hearing concerning funding for the Japanese American Confinement Sites program. The JACS program awards grants to interpret and preserve locations where Japanese Americans were detained in World War II.

Responding to a question from Hanabusa, a member of the House Natural Resources Committee, Secretary Zinke began his answer by saying “konnichiwa.” Hanabusa initially responded to Zinke by correcting his greeting to the more formal version “ohayo gozaimasu.”

However, her correction didn’t put an end to the matter. Later in the day, the Hawaii congresswoman took to social media to attack Zinke for his racist greeting.

“When @SecretaryZinke chose to address me in Japanese (when no one else was greeted in their ancestral language), I understood ‘this is precisely why Japanese Americans were treated as they were more than 75 years ago. It is racial stereotyping.” she tweeted.

Selective Outrage

Rep. Hanabusa
Democrat Rep Colleen Hanabusa accused Sec. Zinke of promoting racial stereotypes. | Photo credit Wikipedia

Naturally, when expressing her outrage, Hanabusa conveniently forgot to mention that it was Democrats (Franklin Roosevelt), who detained Japanese Americans. But then again, lefties are good at ignoring the ugly and racist history of their own party so it’s no surprise.

Unfortunately, the congresswoman was not alone in attacking Zinke. California Rep. Judy Chu and Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono joined in the hyperbole. Hirono claimed the greeting was “flippant and juvenile,” while Chu suggested it was intentionally disrespectful.

When reporters confronted Secretary Zinke about the backlash over his greeting, he responded by asking them “How could ever saying ‘Good morning’ be bad?”