TRUTH COMES OUT: Trump Accusers Just Got Exposed For Everything After This

Lisa Bloom
Attorney to the stars Lisa Bloom urged comedian Kathy Griffin to sue the Trump family for harassment. | Photo credit Metro US

Last week, Bill O’Reilly told Glenn Beck there is an existing audio tape that could raise serious questions about accusations against President Trump. On Friday, Sean Hannity issued a similar warning on Twitter. Hours later, news broke concerning several Trump accusers and their lawyer Lisa Bloom.

In their jaw-dropping story, left-leaning news site The Hill revealed that some Trump accusers received compensation for telling their stories. Attorney to the stars Lisa Bloom solicited donations from a Hillary Clinton Super PAC and tabloid outlets. She used the money to “aid” several women who she refused to identify.

Shockingly, the women’s rights lawyer who defended Kathy Griffin offered to sell the stories to television outlets in return for a commission for her firm. Additionally, Bloom arranged to pay-off the mortgage of one alleged victim and offered another as much as $750,000.

In a statement, Bloom said that donors sought her out to offer support to women who made accusations against Trump and those who were considering coming forward. “Donors reached out to my firm directly to help some of the women I represented,” she told The Hill.

Moreover, Bloom says the money was not meant to pressure women into telling their stories. Instead, she claims the compensation was to help them pay for relocation expenses or security if they felt unsafe. For her efforts, Bloom took-in a whopping 33% of the amount victims received from news outlets that bought their stories.


Trump accusers
President Trump denies allegations of sexual misconduct. | Photo credit NECN

Folks, if this doesn’t raise doubts about the legitimacy of these allegations against President Trump nothing will. If a state prosecutor paid victims for their testimony case, no matter how heinous, is finished. Yes, there is such a thing as a crime victim compensation fund. But there must be a conviction to receive financial assistance.

Compensating someone for merely making an allegation is a payoff, plain and simple. For some people desperate times, like losing your home, for example, call for desperate measures. Falsely accusing the uber-wealthy President of the United States of sexual misconduct seems like a desperate act. 

On the other hand, staying relevant and in the spotlight is also a common desire amongst desperate people. And, exploiting people’s hardships is a common tactic some leftists use. Knowing that, and given how much progressives hate Donald Trump, it becomes hard for reasonable people to accept that these allegations are credible.