Trey Gowdy Slams Schumer For Voting Against Judge Based On Skin Color

Senator Chuck Schumer voted no on Trump’s judicial nominee because he is white. | Photo credit Politico

He may be leaving Congress soon, but thankfully Trey Gowdy isn’t gone yet. Gowdy reminded Senator Chuck Schumer of that fact this week when he called him out for being a racist and hypocrite after he voted “no” on a Trump judicial nominee.

Earlier this week, Schumer gave a speech on the Senate floor explaining why he would vote no on Marvin Quattlebaum. President Trump nominated the judge to fill a vacancy on the U.S District Court for South Carolina.

“The nomination of Marvin Quattlebaum speaks to the overall lack of diversity in President Trump’s selections for the federal judiciary,” he said. “Quattlebaum replaces not one, but two scuttled Obama nominees who were African American.”

Schumer continued his rant, by throwing out some “facts” about Trump’s appointments. “As of February 14, 83 percent of the President Trump’s confirmed nominees were male, 92 percent were white” he proclaimed. “That represents the lowest share of non-white candidates in three decades.”

What a pretentious windbag, right? Like we’ve said before, you can see racism anywhere you want to but that doesn’t mean it really exists. Democrats like Schumer have mastered the art of creating faux outrage which only serves to diminish their already weak arguments.

Gowdy Responds to Schumer

Congressman Trey Gowdy ripped Chuck Schumer for his racist vote. | Photo credit | Reddit

Gowdy wasted no time calling-out Schumer for his racist attitude. Noting that Quattlebaum is more than qualified, he suggested the senator look beyond skin color when he votes.

“Hopefully Senator Schumer can find a way to look at really unusual factors (like qualifications) in the future,” Gowdy said. Then, the “Bulldog” smacked him with a couple of facts about the allegedly “scuttled” Obama nominees. Facts the Senate Minority Leader conveniently left-out.

“I hate to interrupt Senator Schumer with facts. But one nominee was withdrawn because of a significant bond issue, while the other became the Chief Justice of the South Carolina Supreme Court,” wrote Gowdy.

We’re happy to report, that despite “crying” Chuck’s racist attitude, the Senate confirmed Judge Quattlebaum. We suspect he will do his job with far more integrity than the self-serving senator from New York.