Trey Gowdy Issues Fiery Response Over IG Report On FBI Corruption


A recent report from the Office of Inspector General is creating a nightmare for the FBI and DOJ. South Carolina Congressman and former state prosecutor Trey Gowdy  is furious over the contents of the report and he isn’t holding anything back.

Trey Gowdy responds to IG report on FBI corruption
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Last week, IG Michael Horowitz released the long-awaited report on how the FBI and DOJ handled the Hillary Clinton email probe. Horowitz reached the same conclusion as most Trump supporters did a long time ago-they botched it.

Over the last few months, investigations have revealed rampant pro-Clinton, anti-Trump bias within America’s top law enforcement agencies. The IG report fell short of condemning the bias, but it didn’t escape the watchful eye of Rep. Gowdy.

In fact, the House Oversight chairman and Clinton adversary took it quite seriously.

In a statement, the “Bulldog” said he was disturbed by findings. “I am alarmed, angered, and deeply disappointed by the Inspector General’s finding of numerous failures by DOJ and FBI in investigating potential Espionage Act violations by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.”

Among the failures, Gowdy pointed out, is the FBI’s obvious animus towards Donald Trump. “The treatment afforded to former Secretary Clinton and other potential subjects and targets was starkly different from the FBI’s investigation into Trump campaign officials,” he said.

“Voluntariness and consent in the former were replaced with search warrants, subpoenas, and other compulsory processes in the latter. Many of the investigators and supervisors were the same in both investigations but the investigatory tactics were not.

As is usually the case, Gowdy is 100% correct. One of those “investigators” is Peter Strzok.



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