“LOCK HER UP” Might Become More Than A Chant If THIS Happens…


FBI Director

Source Credit: The Political Cult

For millions of Americans who have had to watch Hillary get away with treasonous crimes, finding out that Trey Gowdy could be the next FBI director–is a wish come true.

At one time, there was speculation that “The Bulldog” would be Trump’s attorney general. However, as everyone knows, that job went to Jeff Sessions. Ironically, it could be Sessions that helps to put Gowdy in the driver’s seat at the Bureau.

The day after President Trump fired James Comey, he got down to business putting together a shortlist of replacement candidates. Given that Comey was allegedly fired over his handling of the Clinton investigation, coupled with the fact that Trump has previously said Hillary “should be in jail,” it should come as no surprise that Gowdy is in the running.

In fact, it could be President Trump’s most strategic move yet.

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But, it won’t be easy.

With Democrats doing a 180 on their support for Comey, a guy that most of them thought should be fired last year, they are not likely to support Gowdy for the position. The South Carolina congressman is smart, principled, and relentless.

In other words, he is undoubtedly a…

Nightmare for Democrats

Gowdy gained notoriety during his time on the House Select Committee on Benghazi, where he remained dogged in his pursuit of the truth. To this day, Gowdy continues to seek out answers about that fateful night, that saw four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, lose their life. Deaths that came at the idle hands of Hillary Clinton.

It is likely, that this aggressive pursuit of Clinton is what would ultimately hurt Gowdy’s chances of being confirmed by the Senate. That in and of itself, speaks volumes about the sinister agenda that drives Congressional Democrats. At the risk of sounding cliché, they have no interest in “truth, justice, and the American way.”

Gowdy made headlines in March, when he bashed liberals and the media for their continued attacks on President Trump concerning his alleged ties to Russia.

In the same month, he went head-to-head with James Comey, where Gowdy demanded answers regarding intelligence leaks that have hindered Trump’s presidency.


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