North Korea Has Finally Gone Too Far

According to the reports, the second highest-ranking U.S. military official said that America needs to consider the use of military force against the totalitarian state of North Korea.

North Korea Propaganda | Photo Credit Telegraph

 There threats and missile tests have simply gone too far.

Recently, the North Koreans have successfully test intercontinental ballistic missiles that can potentially hit American soil. While it’s true that these missiles can’t strike with “any degree of accuracy,” the threat remains.

Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Paul Selva told the Senate Arms Services Committee about the inaccuracy of the missiles.

North Korea’s Latest ICBM Threats Against America

ICBM Test | Photo Credit AP

The Daily Caller writes:

“Initial estimates of the range of North Korea’s new ICBM stopped at Alaska, but further analysis revealed that the North Koreans could potentially strike the West Coast, with some expert observers even claiming the HS-14 can reach New York.”

“What the experts tell me is that the North Koreans have yet to demonstrate the capacity to do the guidance and control that would be required” to strike a specific target in the U.S., Selva explained. Questions are also circulating regarding re-entry capability and the survivability of the warhead, despite North Korea’s assurances about the weapon’s abilities.”

North Korea Capable Of Hitting American Soil

ICBM Test | Photo Credit AP

The Diplomat writes:

“North Korea, understandably, is proud of its first successful flight-test of an intercontinental-range ballistic missile (the Hwasong-14/KN-20). Accordingly, its scientists, engineers, and members of the Korean People’s Army (KPA) Strategic Rocket Forces were treated to lavish celebrations in Pyongyang.”

“Normally, these affairs are an example of the extent to which North Korea likes to pursue pageantry and showmanship to celebrate important anniversaries and achievements. Kim Jong-un had laid out the byungjin line in 2013, promising the country that he would simultaneously attain a nuclear deterrent against the United States and South Korea while providing economic growth.”

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