Three Reasons Why America Needs A Border Wall.


Regardless of the reasons, America needs a border wall. Whether it is three reasons or 30, America needs to secure its borders. There is no other modern nation on Earth that allows such mass immigration without any real restrictions. Our Nation’s very survival is at stake. Securing our borders is a matter of National Security.

Reason One For America’s Need Of A Border Wall.


The moon narrowed to a sliver as several migrants paddled a raft across the Rio Grande.

They were en route to the banks of this small Texas border town.

Once on the banks, they scrambled up a well-worn dirt trail through thorny mesquite into a cluster of shabby houses.

America Is A Nation – Not A Backyard.

This was the lead paragraph just a few days ago for a story on the immigration problem facing America.

More specifically, the state of Texas, since it shares 1,254 miles of common border and is joined by 28 international bridges and border crossings.

One would think that the previous parts of this article were the beginnings of a new novel.

Life In American Border Towns.

However, instead, it is the grim reality American border towns must face on a consistent basis.

This story, however, does not end there. According to border patrol agents on the scene, this happens all the time because there is no wall to stop them.

The border patrol agents state that the task of stopping incidents like this falls upon the half a dozen Border Patrol agents on bicycle and foot patrols.

Names Of The Border Town Changes, But Not The Narrative.

border wall prototypes
Construction is underway on wall prototypes along U.S-Mexico Border | Photo credit NPR

Later that day, with their flashlights bobbing, the agents found a pregnant Central American migrant stopped in a local Family Dollar parking lot.

She was part of the group of immigrants that they witnessed crossing earlier.

Once she noticed them, she immediately surrenders in hopes of applying for asylum. However, the others had simply vanished without a trace.

Doing The Exact Same Thing And Expecting Different Results.

So, here are a few more illegal immigrants of an unspecified number added to America’s population.

Undocumented and unidentified persons freely allowed to enter any country is a security risk.

It certainly is in every other nation on Earth. Why is it not the same for America?

How Is Securing Your Borders A Bad Thing?

President Trump is known for his use of vivid descriptors to describe the border wall he wants to build.

It is clear that our President imagines an America that is strong, healthy, prosperous, and secure.

America has always had its share of internal problems, but through it all, we always managed to find an answer. America is by no means perfect, but we are in my opinion, as close as there is on Earth.

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