This holiday season may require more teeth gritting than normal — especially if liberals and conservatives line up across the family table. When politics enter the realm of conversation, the most loving men and women ball up their verbal fists in preparation for the coming barrage.

World War III

One way to prevent World War III when you gather, is to focus on your blessings instead of tensing for the attack. With that in mind, there are several reasons Conservatives can be thankful this holiday season.

First, unless Obama pulls a Hail Mary in his final weeks, the Supreme Court will be saved. Hillary Clinton, if elected, would have appointed a new Leftist member to replace Antonin Scalia, which would have affected several decisions in the immediate future.

Thankfully, Donald Trump will protect us from this demise.

The Courts, under a liberal lean, would have stuck to Obama’s illegal amnesty for illegal aliens, while pushing gay marriage, and various racial quotas within hiring, housing, and beyond. If Donald Trump appoints a real conservative to replace Scalia, the Courts will be safe for several years.

Thanksgiving | Photo Credit WikiMedia CommonsThanksgiving | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

Giving Thanks This Thanksgiving

Second, we’re safe from a massive advance of Muslim immigration. This is most important when considering radical Muslim terrorism, such as those coming from Syria, Iraq, and various other Middle Eastern countries.

Third, we may finally have a more enforced border with Mexico. After decades of illegal immigration and a weak visa program, Trump can enforce a physical border between the two countries. This should reduce unwanted immigration while limiting the push of narcotics into the U.S.

If Hillary were in charge, she would have kept the borders open and potentially accelerated the speed of immigration legalization. This would hurt several other elements within the American economy.

Thankfully, we now have Donald Trump’s promise to protect us from this fate.

Fourth, an open mindset to oil and gas exploration, plus, the easing of governmental restrictions, (EPA), should offer some slack to American business owners who can help stimulate our economy in a healthy way. This will release individual business owners to run their businesses without the hand of the government in their pocket. It will mean taxpayers aren’t funding false, socialist, financial stimulant packages. This means lower taxes for all.

Thanksgiving | Photo Credit WikiMedia CommonsThanksgiving | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

Out With the Old…

Fifth, Obamacare will be replaced. President Obama’s slow nationalization within the healthcare industry, will either be delayed or stopped completely. Under Hillary, America would have been forced into a single payer system, such as the one that exists in Canada — the same system many Canadians come to America to try and avoid.

While President-elect Donald Trump is far from perfect, simply having a no-nonsense Republican in the White House is a huge step in the right direction, and certainly something to be thankful for this holiday season.

When it comes to politics, what are you grateful for?

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