Abused and Abandoned

Photo Credit: hestst.com For months, the Dakota Pipeline protests made headlines around the world. The “Standoff at Standing Rock” saw the Sioux tribe, joined by “concerned” citizens and activist celebrities, square off against oil and energy companies.

They claimed their fight was about principles. Protecting sacred land, water supplies, and the environment was there priorities. Or so they said. They did enjoy a short-lived victory-until Trump took office that is.

The president recently gave the go ahead to begin construction on the pipeline and all protesters were ordered to leave their makeshift camps or face arrest. And what they left behind shows their “fight” had nothing to do with principles.

Besides the literal tons of garbage and waste left behind, protesters also abandoned several dogs and puppies. The animals were left to fend for themselves with no food or water and nobody to care for them.

Photo Credit: mrctv.org

Because of the trash, authorities had to rush in a begin a massive clean-up operation before ground water became contaminated, and that is when they started seeing the dogs. Workers called in Furry Friends Rockin’ Rescue, a local group from Bismarck, to help find the animals and take them to safety.

Rescuers have saved two dogs and six puppies so far, but they believe that is only a…

Small Fraction

Photo Credit: facebook.com

Julie Schirado, a rescuer with the group, told reporters that the camp was a real mess and that is making it extremely difficult for them to locate all the animals. She also noted that because of all the heavy machinery on site, “the animals are likely scared and hiding out”.

For now, the group is spending every weekend searching for more of the abandoned animals. The ones they have found are malnourished and suffering from frostbite and hypothermia. Many of them have mange.

Rescuers will nurse the dogs and puppies back to health, likely at a cost that will reach into the thousands. Once they are healthy again, they will be available for adoption. Hopefully they will find loving homes with owners that know what love and loyalty actually mean.

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