Sexual Assault of 12-Year Old Girl

Photo Credit: Democrats want you focused on Russia–these stories are why you shouldn’t be.

Indian athlete Tanveer Hussain has been charged with felony sexual child abuse and child endangerment. He was previously denied entrance into the U.S.-but the decision was reversed after Senator Chuck Schumer took up his cause.

F.B.I. Investigating Refugees

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According to a senior White House official, the F.B.I. is investigating 300 refugees admitted to the U.S. for alleged terrorist activities. No specific details were given, accept, to confirm they are refugees “who either infiltrated with hostile intent or radicalized” after entering the country.

Victims of Obama Wiretaps

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WikiLeaks has done it again. In light of President Trump’s recent suggestion that Obama was responsible for wiretapping him during the election, here is a list of people Obama has “monitored.”

Drug Dealer Back in Jail

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Obama commuted the life sentence of 61-year old Robert Gill before leaving office. However, Gill is now back in jail after crashing his car into undercover police cruisers while fleeing from a drug deal.

Kidnapping and Rape of 14-Year Old

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Two illegal immigrants and known MS-13 gang members from El Salvador kidnapped and repeatedly raped a 14-year old Houston girl in a Satanic ritual. The pair are also charged with murdering another child the same week. The two violent illegals waved and smiled to courtroom members.

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