SICKENING News About “Women’s March” Organizer Just Surfaced… Spread This


The Woman Organizing The Women’s Mach Is A CONVICTED Terrorist and Illegal Immigrant

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We recently published a story on the upcoming women’s strike dubbed “A Day Without A Woman.” The strike is set to happen on March 8th, which also happens to be International Women’s Day.

What is more disturbing than the actual event, is who is behind the movement. Her name is Rasmea Yousef Odeh- a convicted Palestinian terrorist and illegal immigrant. Odeh was convicted in a 1969 bomb attack in Israel that killed two children.

More recently, she was charged and prosecuted in federal court for immigration fraud. In December of 2014, a jury found her guilty on charges that she concealed her arrest and imprisonment for the bombing in Israel.

Odeh was sentenced to 18 months in prison, stripped of her U.S. citizenship, and ordered to be deported after her release. Even so, a court of appeals unanimously vacated her conviction and the case is currently pending in District Court. She claimed she was “suffering from PTSD” when she filled out her immigration paperwork.

But what she is calling for now clearly shows that Odeh has not changed her propensity for causing destruction. She is encouraging women to join what she and several others are touting as the new…

“Militant Feminist Struggle”

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Odeh is one of several authors who wrote an article for The Guardian, which calls for women to mobilize “so Trump will see our power.” The following excerpt from the article outlines their “plan”:

“The idea is to mobilize women, including trans women, and all who support them in an international day of struggle – a day of striking, marching, blocking roads, bridges, and squares, abstaining from domestic, care and sex work, boycotting, calling out misogynistic politicians and companies, striking in educational institutions.”

So we have a group of women who are encouraging civil unrest, to protest being devalued and objectified by society. To make their point they wear vagina costumes, incite violence, and vow to use sex as a weapon. And they are doing it all at the behest of an anti-Semitic Arab who killed innocent children and openly violates U.S. immigration laws.

This is a truly terrifying and dangerous kind of stupid.

Now watch…

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