The View Crosses Line AGAIN After Mocking Traumatized Barron Trump

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2Taunting Children

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The ladies of The View seem to have a lot of pent up anger issues. Especially when you consider their latest trash fest, where they saw fit to make fun of President Trump’s 11-year old son Barron.

This poor child has been thrust into the limelight, but his parents have done everything they can to try to protect him. But that is a hard job when you have hateful liberals willing to target him just for their own amusement. And the amusement of their sheepish viewers of course.

The hosts of the show were discussing Barron’s reaction to seeing Kathy Griffin’s vulgar photo of President Trump’s bloody, severed head on television and that’s when things got nasty. Former host, Star Jones, asserting Barron should be “embarrassed by his reaction, told viewers that the child “had a lot to be embarrassed about” given who his father is.

“Our president though cracks me up when he says his son was upset. He has to remember- I wonder how upset he was when he heard his father referred to the kinds of assaults that he would do on women or did they not talk about that?” Jones added. Sadly, this isn’t the first time The View has shared their…

  • Anonymous

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    attention Joy Behar……it is said that when we are young we have the face we are born with and as we get older, we have the face we deserve. Look in the mirror Joy……and really see your face.!!!

  • Anonymous

    If they do not take this show off the air it shows they are not only backing this behavior but promoting it!

  • People are sick of these women and their one sided views. They show no respect to our President and make a mockery of the U.S. Other country laughs at the people because of their behavior. I refuse to watch the show and refuse to watch the network. I think everyone should refuse to watch the network until they cancel the View. They are never fair…even to their guest host.

  • I’m not shocked anymore by the females of The View. Their reprobate minds are the norm. However, I was saddened and surprised by Star Jones remarks about Barron Trump.

    I’d always respected her as a prosecutor and admired her for her professional accomplishments. But this is so beneath who I “thought” she was as a woman and a Christian. Truly sad indeed. ☹️

  • Anonymous

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    I do not watch the view and never will!! They are a sick group of women that have been given riches that are so unappreciated and think they are above all.. they need to stop and realize without the power from above they could lose it overnight!! Sick of this mess on TV.. getting so most of the channels aren’t worth watching..NBC,ABC, CNN..are the worst!!

  • Teresa

    I used to love watching Whoopi. I cannot stand the way these woman are on the view a bunch of pouting no spine woman.
    I believe the way you handle yourselves and the way you dishonor the White House is out of line and you should all loose your jobs. Star Jones should never call her self a christen talking that way of an a 11 year old child what a disappointment you are. I will never watch this show.

  • Anonymous

    It’s time to after their sponsors/advertisors. Unfortunately I don’t know who they are since I don’t watch the show anymore.

  • Reader

    I did not see the statements made as cruel to the child,but they were unleashing it on the dad.

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    It’s pretty easy to see who the children are, and I’m not talking about Baron!

  • Brenda

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    If Obama’s children were completely Off Limits to the Media, why can’t they do the same for Trump’s? The women on the View are beyond words. How can they still be on the air? People get ostracized for something they said 20 years ago, but these women get away with anything and everything. I refuse to watch their Trashy Show!!!

  • Pelto Lombogine

    The best thing that could happen to this show and the “women” that are on it is that they would end up sitting at a Starbucks complaining instead. That’s a better use of their time as well as all of the lunatics that watch this show and are just as rancid as the women on it!

  • Anonymous

    Joy,how would you like your grandson spoken about this way. I think it’s time you ended your hatred if this family. Are you that jelalous? Poor you !!!!!!

  • Michael P Saladen

    I do not watch the view unless viewing one of their outrageous acts of idiocy which is featured in a news worthy article which typically depicts them as but hurt losers from the alt left media… I believe that most of these women are mothers…right? They should be ashamed of themselves for attacking a child who should be off limits to any and all comments made by the media period… This lack of class is typical of this show and is the reason I never tune into their gossip video rag…God does not condone or encourage gossip in the first place. Perhaps the time slot wasted on women caterwauling would be better spent in pursuit of theological or even philosophical edification instead of mindless rants of women who appear to be suffering from a turn of th19th to 20th-century disorder diagnosed as “Hysteria”

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