Family Shares Obamacare Nightmare

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President Trump has now demanded that Republicans pass an Obamacare repeal while speaking on Monday. The President, surrounded by families adversely impacted by the default system, stood around with their Obama baggage.

Trump highlighted the various complications from one family, the family of Melissa Ackison, during his speech. Ackison met with Vice President Pence, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, and Medicaid Chief Seema Verma about the issue.

Ackison wrote a letter that told her Obamacare nightmare.

Melissa Ackison’s Letter About Obamacare

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Melissa Ackison wrote:

“My goal in attending the meeting was to educate the public as well as our elected officials of the failures associated to not only Obamacare, but also to the buckling of Medicaid when able bodied families are enrolled into the system via the ACA/Marketplace design despite their refusal to be involved in these programs.”

The letter also said, “these are facts, these aren’t media soundbites, edited clips or emotional reactions to what you ‘think’ about the matter at hand that happens to be crippling my family … My story and millions in my situation is taken from real life, tax-paying American who sadly has been left behind while politicians posture and continue to take no action with regard to working though legislature.”

Pre-Existing Conditions And Obamacare

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The Daily Caller writes:

“Melissa also has a pre-existing condition called fibrous dysplasia. This disease is a mutation that begins in utero and caused weakening of her left facial structure as well as her skull, cheekbone, eye socket and the cribriform plate. She’s had over 20 reconstructive surgeries to remove large portions of affected bone as well as aggressive growing skull based tumors.”

“She was diagnosed with this disease when she was 14 and has been seeing the same specialists since then. She is 40 years old today. Not only did Melissa like her doctor, she needed her doctor, her letter reads. “My son’s preexisting conditions meant absolutely nothing when our specialists and providers refused to work with our Obamacare programs,” her letter reads.”

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