Texas Sanctuary Sheriff Refuses Money to Buy Officers Bullet-Proof Vests

Bullet-proof vests
Sheriff Sally Hernandez refused to a sign a letter to secure funding for bullet-proof vests for her deputies. | Photo credit Daily Wire.

Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez is dedicated to her mission. But that mission is not protecting the lives of the deputies under her command. She’d rather ensure the non-existent rights of illegal immigrants.

Last January, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced a new grant to purchase bullet-proof vests for more than 450 police departments around the state. The $23 million was earmarked specifically to better protect the lives of law enforcement officers.

As is his right, Governor Abbott added one condition for departments applying and receiving the grant money. They had to sign a letter agreeing to comply with Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer requests.

Turns out, that simple condition was too much for Sheriff Sally Hernandez. You see, she doesn’t believe that cooperating with ICE and detaining illegal immigrants is part of her job. Because, you know, it’s not nice for the police to enforce the law.

According to KVAN, Travis Country Project Manager Valerie Hollier filled out the necessary paperwork for the grant. Hollier noted in her recommendation that the vests would save lives. “It is anticipated the number of fatal shootings will be reduced by equipping more officers with type III & IV body armor,” she said.

Blue Lives Matter

Sally Hernandez-Travis County
Sheriff Sally Hernandez refuses to cooperate with ICE. | Photo credit Fox News

However, the Hollier never finalized the application because Hernandez would not sign the letter. Sad to say, she has a history of defying federal immigration law and Governor Abbott. Hernandez refused more than 190 ICE detainer requests in February of 2017.

Instead, her department released 34 illegals convicted of violent crimes and another 14 with burglary or theft. Fed-up with the shenanigans, the governor decided to defund Travis County.

In addition to withholding funds, Abbott also proposed a law to jail sheriffs like Hernandez who, in his opinion, fail to uphold the laws in Texas. “Let me tell you something. If a sheriff refuses to enforce the laws… they need to quit their job,” said Abbott.

“If they don’t want to enforce the law, they should not be in law enforcement.”