How Texas Governor Gregg Abbot Will Greet The 1,500 Marching Illegals


Yesterday, we told you about the 1,500 illegal immigrants marching towards the U.S. While it’s not clear where they planned to illegally cross the border, we now know where they won’t be entering. Texas Governor Greg Abbott is deploying a welcome wagon-aka the National Guard. Early Monday morning, as 1000+ Central American asylum seekers trekked toward America, Texas officials made other plans. Governor Abbott activated the National Guard and deployed them and the Department of Public Safety to the border.


Texas Governor Greg Abbott deploys National Guard to border to stop caravan of illegals.
Photo credit | Facebook

Abbott, a strong Trump supporter, has enacted tough immigration policies in Texas during his tenure. Last year, the governor proposed a law to jail sanctuary sheriffs who refuse to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

“America is a nation based upon the rule of law and these liberals who are abandoning the rule of law are compromising the safety and well-being of our fellow Americans,” he said at the time.

“Texas and the Trump administration are not going to tolerate it.”

Under President Trump, border crossings have dropped significantly. In fact, Texas Senator Ted Cruz announced last March that the number of illegals crossing near the Rio Grande area alone declined by 50%.

Trump Calls on Congress

illegal immigrants march towards U.S.
Photo credit | Fox News

Not surprisingly, news of the caravan prompted an angry response from Trump. In addition to slamming Mexico for allowing the illegal immigrants to pass through, the president called on Congress to take action to secure the border.

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