Texas Councilwoman Shamefully Harasses Teenage Trump Supporters – Her Apology Is Even Worse


An elected official in the Houston, Texas area received a citation for disorderly conduct last week after she bullied a group of girls attending a church event. What made Councilwoman Kelly Burke so angry? One of the teenage girls was clearly not riding the liberal feminist bandwagon by wearing Trump gear.

Kelly Burke-Houston councilwoman bullies teen girls over Trump shirt
Photo Credit | KPRC

While standing in line at a nearby store to get cookies for younger children at their church, four Houston teenagers had the unfortunate experience to meet “tolerant” Democrat Kelly Burke. Burke is not only a West U council member, she’s also a leading activist with Moms Demand Action.

For those who don’t know, MDA is a liberal anti-gun group with chapters around the U.S. “Moms Demand Action envisions a country where all children and families are safe from gun violence,” their website reads

Obviously, creating a world where children aren’t bullied is not on their agenda.

One of the four teenage girls was wearing a Trump “Make America Great” t-shirt, which attracted Burke’s attention. When she saw the shirt (instead of minding her own business) the councilwoman decided to verbally attack the innocent girls.

According to the victim’s father, Burke yelled, “Grab ‘em by the p—- girls!” at the group. At first, they thought she was joking and paid her little attention. However, being ignored by the teenagers angered Burke even more. 

Rather than having it end there, Burke yelled the obscenity at the girls again. She followed that up by screaming, “MAGA! MAGA! MAGA!” while shaking her fist at them. At that point, the girls were understandably frightened.

In addition, the girl wearing the Trump shirt said Burke took her picture before leaving the scene. What do you want to bet she planned to use that in some Facebook tirade about children supporting President Trump? 

Nevertheless, perhaps worse than the verbal attack itself is Burke’s apology.

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