Texas Church Pastor Delivers Incredible Gift For Thousands Of Veterans


Texas church Pastor Stephen Hayes spent this Easter season keeping a promise he made to himself when he was a teenager. Teaming with a major non-profit group, Hayes paid it forward and helped to wipe out the medical debt of local Dallas veterans and their families.

Texas Pastor Stephen Hayes-Covenant Church
Photo Credit | YouTube

Nearly 20 years ago, Hayes was struck by a car and ended up in a coma. His injuries landed him in intensive care for 12 days and put him on a long road to recovery. His father’s church prayed for Stephen’s healing daily.

As you know, when a tragedy like this strikes, the medical costs are usually overwhelming. Many American families are unable to bear the financial burden of a major accident or serious illness and the Hayes family was no exception.

Speaking to NBC Dallas, the pastor recalled what the struggle his family endured over the medical bills. “I felt the pressure of that,” said Hayes. “What brings me to tears is the thought of people who don’t have that kind of support but are under the same amount of pressure.”

Fortunately, Mike Hayes’ church stepped-up and paid the family’s medical debt. Now, Stephen is doing it for others.

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