TERROR ALERT: False Alarms Cause Panic New Jersey, Georgia


False Alarm From Nuclear Power Plant, New Jersey

False Alarm | Photo Credit Twitter

In New Jersey, a false alarm went out on local television sets Tuesday night that scared many citizens in the state. A nuclear power plant warned citizens in Cumberland and Salem counties of nuclear issues.

The message sent out said “a civil authority has issues a nuclear power plan warning for the following counties/areas,” listed Salem and Cumberland. Not long after, the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management tweeted the incident was false.

Beyond New Jersey’s warnings, there was another “false alarm” at SunTrust Park that disrupted a recent Atlanta Braves game.

False Alarm, During Braves-Pirates Game, Georgia

Braves, Pirates | Photo Credit WP.com

Europe and the United States are on high alert since the Manchester Attack. In Atlanta, Georgia, SunTrust Park briefly flashes an emergency message during the third inning of the Braves-Pirates game.

The scoreboard message indicated an emergency in the building, which also came with a loud alarm and flashing lights. It turns out that an altercation between fans in a ballpark restaurant caused an alarm malfunction, according to reports.

During the fourth inning, the scoreboard flashed, “false alarm.”

Some Fans Frightened By False Warnings

Suntrust Park | Photo Credit Tomahawk Take

The Atlanta-Journal Consitution reports:

“As someone who struggles with anxiety and has two young children at home, it did make me panic a bit,” Hayley Roberson of Woodstock said. “Several people around us stood up to leave, all kind of looking at each other to see if it was real. I just looked at my husband in confusion, not really sure what was going on.”

“As soon as the alarm stopped, a Pirates batter took the plate and the game continued as normal. That is why I sent a tweet to both the Braves and the SunTrust Park Twitter accounts — I understand that accidents happen, but it should have been immediately addressed to the crowd.”