The Debate on September 26th saw Republican Donald Trump lay out sound policies and genuine solutions to issues. These are the issues that have been plaguing the US for too long now. Trump addressed the following issues: job creation, tax reforms, and immigration.

While Clinton was full of hokey-pokey policies, fluff-talk and empty promises void of any real substance. In true presidential style, Trump laid out his plan to stimulate America’s lagging economy, like collapsing the seven tax bracket system to three. In order to ensure big banks, corporations and mega conglomerate companies pay their fair share; while small and medium sized businesses and enterprises are stimulated.

Trump also discussed tax reforms that would help out the average, middleclass American. Which is the complete opposite stance Hillary has taken. Although her empty rhetoric may ring nicely to liberals and demagogues. It may seem to be an important issue for her now come election time, but Crooked Clinton has done absolutely nothing to help think of solutions in her 25+years in government, in fact she’s done quite the opposite by allowing tax breaks for the mega-rich and her cozy corporate and banking friends.

In her time in government and politics, Crooked Clinton has only known how to serve herself in order to gain power and influence. 

Hillary accuses Trump’s tax plan as trickle-down economics. She claims it would allow tax cuts for the super-rich by labeling it ‘Trumped-up, trickle down’. This is a baseless and irresponsible claim. Trump’s tax plan is an all encompassing simplified vision. Maybe she was looking in the mirror when she said it, and thinks of herself as amusing. Maybe we need to remind Hillary who it was that voted for the American Jobs Creation Act in 2004, a bill that actually didn’t create any jobs at all, but allowed multinational corporations a free pass to stash profits offshore to avoid paying their taxes. It was non-other than Crooked Hillary. 

Trump and Clinton face offTrump and Clinton face off

Clinton was also on record as voting to repeal the Bush era tax cuts which affected Americans earning $250,000 and up. Both Hillary and Obama pushed hard to get this piece of legislation through; but the results demonstrate that it has done nothing to limit the ballooning US debt problem, which has added trillions during Obama’s presidency. But then again, Cinton was involved in her own share of tax avoidance. 

Clinton was accused of  tax avoidance on several of her estates in the US and abroad. She’s doing this for years now. 

Trump on the other hand has a completely different vision for America. One that is sustainable and one that works for everybody, not just the top 1%. Part of his tax plan is to eradicate, once and for all, special interest loopholes. This is to ensure a business tax rate that allows competition in the market. This prevented outsourcing of jobs. His plan will also create over 2 million new jobs and bring America’s stagnant economy back to life while focusing on the American family, by looking after stay-at-home parents and single mothers who can deduct living expenses from their taxes.

At this point, it’s clear that Trump’s tax plan for America is the only viable one. While Crooked Clinton allows wealthy corporations tax breaks and demands zero accountability from them. Trump knows that the middle-class American is the backbone of this country. That’s why his plan specifically focusses on helping average, hard-working citizens. So they can make a better life for themselves and their families. Hillary’s sole interest lies in giving the green light to corporate greed.

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