HILARIOUS: Trump Boycott BLOWS UP In Liberal’s Faces…


“Trumping” Boycotts

Photo Credit: wegmans.com

Many of the most popular hashtags of 2017 nearly always incorporate the word “boycott.” And you can bet that it always has something to do with the Trump name. In fact, if something bears the Trump name you are told not wear to it or, in this case, not drink it.

The National Organization of Women (NOW) recently launched an online campaign against the popular Wegmans grocery store for selling Trump wine. Using the hashtag #StopTrumpWine, the group tried to bully the store into dropping the product.

Wegmans has several stores in Virginia, the same state the Trump Winery is located in. Donald Trump bought the sprawling vineyard almost two decades ago, and it is now owned and operated by his son.

Ironically, the president does not drink alcohol. Wegmans was selling the vintage wine long before it bore the Trump label. Nonetheless, there is no stopping egomaniacal liberals on a mission. NOW’s campaign caught the attention of grabyourwallet.org. An extreme left wing group responsible for the boycotts against Ivanka Trump.

The boycotts against Ivanka have failed miserably as her sales have skyrocketed. Despite their relentless pressuring of Wegmans and their customers, Trump Wine…


Photo Credit: wtvr.com

When word of the boycott began to spread, Trump’s wine started flying off the shelves. One shopper told USA Today that “This makes me want to dig in my heels, stand firm and buy Trump wine.”

A spokesperson for Wegmans indicated to the Democrat and Chronicle that the wine is sold out in nine of their 10 stores located in Virginia. Therefore, they plan to restock their inventory as quickly as possible.

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