If you ever want to see the effectiveness of Democratic leadership in America, look no further than sanctuary cities. Liberal lawmakers have gone to extraordinary measures in these criminal safe havens, to ensure that illegals and refugees can live the American dream. And they are doing it at the expense of taxpayers and citizens.

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Fresno, California is a perfect example. For the first time in five years, the homeless population in Fresno has begun to grow. Liberal Mayor, Ashley Swearengin, believes it’s because fewer homeless people are ending up in jail. But we think the reason is a little more liberal than that.

Like the enormous amounts of money being handed out to Syrian refugees, who have taken over parts of the city for example. While citizens struggle to make ends meet, thanks to heavy tax burdens and poor fiscal management, refugees are collecting more than $1000 a month in cash benefits from the city.

And that amount doesn’t even include other benefits like health insurance and food stamps. Nor does it include all the other aid provided by community partners. Fresno is a cash cow for refugees. Meanwhile, there are more than 3,000 citizens sleeping on the streets every night. 

Rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Fresno averages just $450.00 a month, which is minuscule considering the amount of money and benefits the refugees receive. And when you consider that the average monthly Social Security benefit for all retired workers in 2016 was just $1341.00 a month, it’s enough to make anyone fume.

The Syrian families, which have as many as nine or ten members, have taken over the neighborhood near East San Ramon Avenue. To show their appreciation for all they have been handed, they held goat barbecues. Not pig roasts, not hamburgers and hot dogs, but goat barbecues. They were literally slaughtering goats in their front yards.

There were so many complaints from locals in the area, that law enforcement had to get involved. “Muslim refugees were unaware that slaughtering sheep is not allowed in the city,” the police wrote in a report. The report also noted that those involved “were advised to clean up the blood and mess” and warned that in the future “they could be cited.”

Too bad classes on assimilation weren’t one of the benefits.







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