Russian Airbase Protects Syria Aircraft

Russian Aircraft | Photo Credit Drive

Various reports have revealed that Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad has ordered some of his best combat aircraft be relocated to Russia’s Hmeymin air base, which is near Latakia, Syria.

Due to these reports, Syrian air power is now under the protection of Russia’s advanced S-400 anti-aircraft missiles batteries, SU-30/34/35 Flankers, and Pantsir-S1 point air defense systems.

Beyond this protection, it also makes the ability to attack Assad’s air power a geopolitical non-starter, unless the U.S. is also willing to risk killing Russians.

Russia’s Tactical Moves Against U.S.

Foreign policy expert Michael O’Hanlon revealed:

“I think it’s a clever move by the Russians and the sort of thing you have to expect from them. When I say “clever,” of course, I’m not addressing it or condoning it, but these are tactical, competitive, military aspirations and engagements. The Russians feel like we put one over on them and they’re going to now come back. They play the game pretty well.”

“I don’t think it surprised us at all that Assad used chemicals, and I think we should declare that even if he’s operating out of a base where there are Russian personnel or aircraft, if we see a Russian plane use chemical weapons, then we’re going to try to retaliate against that plane. We’re not going to try to obliterate the base. If we happen to miss and hit somebody, that’s the mistake of the Russians for allowing someone to operate within that facility with chemical operations in mind.”

Moscow Reacts To Tomahawk Missile Attack

Russian Aircraft | Photo Credit Drive

The Drive reports:

“Following the Tomahawk missile attack, not only did Moscow say they would protect Assad’s airspace and military capabilities with their own air defense batteries, but that they would also upgrade the dictator’s own air defenses. By moving Assad’s air operations alongside Moscow’s at the ever-expanding Hmeymin air base, there will likely be deeper cooperation among the two air arms, and don’t be surprised if Russia also begins to re-quip Assad’s air force with surplus aircraft in the near term.”

“In the meantime, Syrian and Russian aircraft seem to have accelerated the practice of dropping phosphorus and other area munitions on opposition filled towns. All this is just another reminder that the jackpot winner of America’s token missile attack on Syria’s Shayrat Air Base was Bashar al Assad.”

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