Supposed neutral party, NBC’s Lester Holt poses liberal bias

By Regan Hodgins | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-10

As a mediator, Holt demonstrated a general bias against the Republican nominee that was undeniable.

Why were there questions on the ‘birther issue’ and why was this such a pertaining issue for Mr. Holt? Although some would say that Holt touched on subjects that pertained to policy and planning, this was far from the focus. The birther movement has been labelled as a racist throw-back to the 19th century.  A time when black-voters were barred from voting for not having a legitimate birth certificate because they were born slaves. A scene that was generally perpetrated by the Democratic party nonetheless. In reality, the 21st Century is different and Obama is not a descendent of African slaves. At the same time, it is illegal to have a sitting president be born outside of the United States; as such it would have been easily convenient for Clinton to rid herself of the competition back in 2008.

Biased Lester Holt of NBC
Biased Lester Holt of NBC

Why was Donald Trump thrown into a den of lies, irrelevances, and previously laid-to-rest battles during the debate? Arguments made against him as a series of biases that could have just as easily been thrown at the Democratic candidate. Although the Crooked Clinton campaign would like to spin it a different way, her campaign embarked on a crusade against Obama and the legitimacy of his birth certificate back in 2008. It is clear that for the Clinton camp, which likes to play dirty, it was easy to let the crusade go.  Once Obama agreed for her to have a spot as Secretary of State. In exchange for his support at a future bid for the presidency once his 8 years were up. Is it just racist now or was it also racist in 2008?

Now, time is up, and the deal Obama made with devil has come due.  He must pay-back what he agreed to and support Crooked Clinton’s campaign bid.

Why was the issue so pressed by the Liberal media spin machine? Is it likely that, in order to win black votes, the liberal establishment is perhaps seeking to label Trump as a racist?  Have voters forgotten that Crooked Clinton embarked on the same sort of questioning?

Essentially, why was Lester so deliberately and underhandedly attacking Donald Trump on such things as the ‘birther issue’; while allowing Hillary’s hotly debated email-scandal, her Benghazi disgrace and the Clinton-foundation/private-government donation debacle, to be so casually left out of the debate? Why didn’t Lester Holt ask questions in regards to:

  • The nominees’ plans and intentions as President;
  • What their goals and strategies would be; and
  • How they would go about implementing their vision.

A vision which Donald Trump can deliver for the American people, a vision which, Crooked Hillary has already sold off to the highest bidder.  

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