Recently, we published a story on the dangers of sanctuary cities across the country. So, how would you feel if your child’s college tuition began funding sanctuary campuses for illegal immigrants?

If socialist progressives get their way, you may soon find out.

Sanctuary Campuses

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Safe spaces.

Segregated dorms.

Taking down the American flag.

These are just a few of the demands being made by cupcake college students. Now they are pushing for sanctuary campuses. Seems Trump’s tough stance on immigration is scaring the kiddies. 

Students at the University of Rochester are petitioning university officials to implement changes that would protect illegal students, staff, and community members. Have you heard the following temper-tantrum demands?

  1. The University shall be declared a sanctuary for undocumented students, workers, and community members.
  2. If the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) policy is terminated or curtailed, and students with DACA status lose the right to work, the University shall pledge to expand the financial aid and other support made available to undocumented students, regardless of their immigration status.
  3. Use all lawful means available to protect the privacy of its students and to resist the release of any information to civil immigration enforcement authorities.
  4. Notify a student, faculty, or staff member in the case that their information is sought by federal officials.
  5. The University shall prohibit Public Safety and other campus security services from inquiring about or documenting an individual’s immigration status.

Are you kidding me?

The UR petition joins 165 similar petitions from college campuses across the country. Xavier Maciel, a student at Pomona college, is keeping a spreadsheet listing the schools requesting sanctuary campus status.

If Pomona college sounds familiar, it should. My colleague Jessie Domingo, recently did a story about the college funding student trips to protest Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton.

You can view the document listing each school seeking to become a sanctuary campus by visiting the Sanctuary Campus Petitions Website.  Or, you can check out their Facebook page.

ICE “Loophole” Endangering Students

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As it turns out, a loophole in existing immigration law may allow for the reality of sanctuary campuses. Now, students are taking advantage of this directive and putting their lives, and surrounding communities, at risk.

A 2011 ICE memo prevents arrests, searches, interviews, and surveillance at “sensitive locations” for the purpose of enforcing immigration laws. These locations include college and university campuses.

However, not everyone is on board. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Georgia university officials have stated that “calls for institutions to implement policies and procedures that may violate state and federal laws are unacceptable.”

Protecting Students and Communities Is a Priority

Who should we blame for these dangerous demands? Democratic leadership.

Liberal education policies are failing our children at every level. These policies are indoctrinating students using socialist propaganda.

President-elect Trump is vowing to protect America from the dangers of illegal immigration. Let’s pray he can protect these social warriors from the dangers of their own naivety.

Do you have children attending a school seeking sanctuary campus status? Tell us in the comments.

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